LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

18 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 SEAFARERS’ INTERVIEW INTERVIEW WITH SEAFARERS CHALLENGES, ACHIEVEMENTS AND LESSONS LEARNED FROM 2023 What challenges did you face during past year on board Company’s vessel? VP: Having in mind that the Company manages one Dual Fuel vessel and gave me the opportunity to work with new system; personally, it was the biggest challenge within 2023. Working with new technology is always challenging and requires our full attention and focus. Also, frequent change of vessel type requires full concentration and to be alerted so we do not become overrelaxed with routines. EM: Joining a Dual Fuel vessel with advanced technology vessel for first time, it was one of the main challenges needed to overcome. GK: Last year on board was quite challenging for the personnel of the vessel but also for me personally. The vessel was engaged in several operations due to the nature of its voyages. The celebration of the new year had to be postponed since the vessel was conducting cargo operations during that time in the Persian Gulf Area. Eventually all went well and the crew celebrated new year after our exit from the Persian Gulf. Despite the circumstances and the short voyages that the vessel had, all crew and officers performed their best and managed to maintain their high morale throughout the voyage. CC: During the past year, while serving on a company’s vessel (Oil Chem), In this issue, we have the pleasure to host the Master and C/E of Bellavista Explorer, Capt. Vaso Perovic (VP) and Evangelos Markozanis (EM). In addition, we are glad to introduce Capt. Georgios Karlis (GK) of Hellas Fos and Capt. Christos Cheiliadakis (CC) of Hellas Eagle. All of the interviewers are well experienced and we are glad to share with us their knowledge and opinion on Incidents and Safety behavior on-board. Capt. Vaso Perovic Master, Bellavista Explorer Evangelos Markozanis Chief Engineer, Bellavista Explorer Capt. Georgios Karlis Master, Hellas Fos Capt. Christos Cheiliadakis Master, Hellas Eagle