LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

19 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 Are there any lessons learned from 2023 you would like to share? VP: May not be exactly a lesson learned, however what I have recently realized during meeting with crew, is the importance of fatigue management and quality of sleep. Personally, I have set a commitment and try to pay more attention to organization of tasks, talking with crew to get feedback of their mental fatigue, quality of rest time and sleep. Nobody will remain concentrated on work tasks if the rest was poor. GC: In difficult and uncertain times on board, it is of outmost importance to maintain your calmness and manage the situation as best as you can. Always show understanding and provide the necessary support to the crew in order to maintain their morale high. Only then the crew will be able to overcome difficult situations, both mental and operational. Always make sure that the safety of crew and the vessel is the priority. Good seamanship and proper introduction to the industry must be priority number one, especially for new comers to this profession. CC: In order to avoid critical factors (e.g. fatigue, stress) that may affect crew performance thus vessel’s operation in general, pro-active time management and team cooperation are essential key factors for all tasks. Living in an environment that requires a continuous awareness of dangers that may arise for any task given, only training and promotion of safety culture on board among crew as well as good practice can minimize or eliminate near misses, which may lead to serious unwanted situations, either on crew personal level (e.g. injuries / accidents) or unwanted situations that may affect our already vulnerable environment. What were your achievements throughout 2023 on personal and professional level? VP: As always, trying personal achievements provides me with required energy to perform professional tasks at maximum possible level. One example was organizing vacation to spend it in such way to gain energy for the duration of contract. EM: My achievement on professional level was to safely join the vessel and serve in a new technology vessel. GK: I believe that my best personal and professional achievement was that throughout my contracts last year there the challenge that we faced wasn’t an easy task, due to the nature of voyages which demand highly management and great effort from all crew in order to fulfill Charterer’s & Shipper’s demands on a constant change of her voyage instructions regarding quantities and stowage plans that were changing the very last moment. As a result, we faced 19 operations during the period of 1.5 month in Amazon river only. At the same time another challenge was to keep the crew in high standards and include mandatory training / Safety committee meetings on various subjects as per company’s policy and standards; that wasn’t an easy task, taking into account time management in conjunction with resting periods of the crew. that was the second serious challenge on such demanding voyages regardless operations. However, taking this opportunity, I feel obliged to point out the great effort of crew at each department showing their professionalism at all levels without facing any incidents during such hard period. Needless to point out that the company’s support from various departments was highly appreciated and was excellent at all levels. SEAFARERS’ INTERVIEW