LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

21 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 INCIDENT REPORT GROUNDING INCIDENT Incident Description On 10th August 2023 at about 1800LT, a Company’s vessel, after transiting the Panama Canal West bound in loaded condition, proceeded to anchorage area G5 for receiving bunkers. At about 19:11LT, the vessel missed a waypoint and maintained its course and speed. At about 19:18LT, the vessel grounded on a charted isolated danger with course about 250 degrees and speed about 6.4 knots. The Master immediately implemented the relevant procedures (according to the emergency plan) and notified the DPA who proceeded to alert the Emergency Response Team and activate the Emergency Response Plan. After initial inspection of the vessel, the Master reported no personnel injury and no pollution event. Immediate vessel damage observation included flooding of the forward water void, forward pump room and forward water ballast (P+S) spaces. On 11th August 2023 at about 10:42LT, following emergency procedures, the vessel re-floated by her own means and proceeded to anchorage G3 for damage assessment and repair. Repairs were completed to the satisfaction of the Classification Society. On 17th September at 08:00LT, the vessel resumed her voyage. Vessel proceeded to her voyage and discharge her cargo on 25th December at South Korea. Upon completion of discharging vessel sailed to Singapore for Dry dock repairs which were completed on 11th February 2024. Root Causes I. Substandard Actions: ●● Failure to follow rules and regulations (navigation rules & company’s navigation procedures) ●● Incorrect navigation (passage plan preparation – missing info / monitoring - no challenge / execution – deviation from route / acknowledging navigation alarms without taking action) II. Substandard Conditions: ●● Congested anchorage III. Personal Factors: ●● Inadequate discipline to procedures / instructions ●● Loss of situational awareness IV. Job Factors: ●● Inadequate leadership (by Master with regard to bridge team management ●● Inadequate coordination / communication Point of grounding (ECDIS) Point of grounding (Vessel cameras) Damaged area