LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

20 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 SEAFARERS’ INTERVIEW vessels., also another priority is the Implementation of VIQ 2.0 and to see results of inspections carried under new regime. EM: My priority on professional level is to get involved more with technological advanced vessels for acquiring knowledge and experience. GK: My priority for this year is to continue focusing on the things that are most important in my life: family, health and professional upgrading, gaining focus on my career progression. Regarding my career priorities for the new year are the enrichment of the safety culture on board the vessel and the training of the young generations of seafarers in regard to the procedures of the company, the safety culture on board but also the meaning of good seamanship and its best practices. Furthermore, maintain the company’s high-performance standard and motivate the people on board to ensure that they can deal with any situation that may arise no matter how difficult it might initially look like. CC: Priorities for the new year on the professional level haven’t changed, although targets on career do exist on personal level. As it stands for all Masters on board, first concern and priority always remain the same, and such has to do with crew safety, promotion of safety culture as well as motivation of crew towards such target in order to achieve crew’s maximum performance. Most of the time this is not an easy task, since in order for the crew to assimilate the safety culture, a continuous effort is needed on a daily routine based on vessel’s schedule / time management and dealing with different personalities on board. Moreover, in order to minimize, as much as possible, the negative feelings that the seafarers may face onboard, such as homesickness and stress, the need of cultivating a good working environment is also a basic priority, since it will affect the performance of crew personnel and motivation on a positive way, as well as contribute to maintain a good mental health on board - a factor that should not be taken lightly. were no accidents on board. All of my crew after their contract returned to their families safe and healthy. Despite that, I strongly believe that this profession always evolves and you need to be able to listen to others and obtain new information and life experiences from everyone, regardless of rank or experience. I am thankful that I had reached this far that no major accidents involved, all cargo operations went well, and having a crew with high morale towards safety and working with high possible standards. CC: During the past year, on a personal level, the fact that I managed to spend more time ashore with my family is a basic key element for the forthcoming challenges on board. On the other hand, as far as it may be concerned professional achievement as well as an obligation of Master, I would consider the crew motivation and crew high performance under guidance and supervision for the common goal, which always remains the same and such is no other than “safety first / protect the environment and the property at sea”. What are your priorities for the new year? VP: My priorities for new year, despite my willingness for further development of knowledge and systems on dual fuel