LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

3 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 Dear colleagues, Upon completion of 2023, we are glad to share with you the Company’s milestones and achievements. Our Strong and Continuous presence to many Forums, Committees, Conferences and Universities continued and during the last quarter of 2023, enhancing Company’s extravert culture and gaining knowledge on various technological advancements. In addition, as per Company’s priorities to Social Responsibility and Accountability, we are more than happy for all the initiatives such as donations to academies, Blood donations, cleaning of the coasts, running for good purpose. We could not be prouder that our Company received “AMVER AWARDS” honoring our Company for playing an important role in safeguarding the lives of seafarers leveraging the AMVER system. Our Company, within December organized various loyalty events such as special Christmas dinner for our seafarers ashore, kids Christmas party to our Company’s premises, Christmas party in Manila Office and London Office as well. It was grateful to meet all together having an enjoyable time as a team! Upon completion of 2023, the Annual MRM off-site conference carried out on 09th -10th of February at Thessaloniki, Greece with the participation of Company’s Personnel and Seafarers. In this twoday event, apart from the MRM Review of 2023 in a constructive and creative way and endorsement of Company’s policies, it was a great opportunity to share our vision and strategic plans for 2023, while all employees had the opportunity to address questions to our CEO Mr. G. Margaronis. During the Annual MRM, it was pointed out that our presence on board has been increased with emphasis on training, the familiarization with and implementation of procedures, aiming at fostering knowledge and experience to our Crew members. In Message from COO In this issue 04 LMM at a glance 06 Company News 12 Safety Campaign “Fire Safety” 15 Legislation Highlights 16 ESG Performance in 2022 17 Seafarer’s interview 21 Incident Report: Grounding parallel, Company’s resources at Manilla have been strengthened and Management visits are performed. In addition, for the next year our aim is to continue in the same direction. Our Priorities for 2024 are: ●● Enhance open communication and access to information amongst everyone in the organization. ●● Continue applying all measures and actions to ensure the safe navigation of fleet vessels without any compromise. ●● Preserve health & safety of shore personnel through conducting medical exams for all ones performing attendances. ●● Take into advantage and incorporate into processes the acquired knowledge from completed technical projects. ●● Expand the proper response to incidents and the efficient mitigation measures to proactive and avoid occurrence of incidents. ●● Learn from incidents & findings and avoid reoccurrence. ●● Implement the electronic filing across as per Company’s procedures. ●● Provide all users with uninterrupted & flawless operation of IT systems. ●● Harmonize processes and activities for all three fleets (each fleet to behave in the same manner). Finally, the key message that was highlighted once again was to “Avoid Complacency and be Alert” and “Remember that context drives behavior”. Now we are heading to the 1st quarter of 2024 which is full of new challenges, priorities and projects working all together towards achieving all the goals! Enjoy reading! EDITORIAL Antonis Georgantzis Chief Operating Officer