LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

6 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 COMPANY NEWS Company’s Office Personnel Active Participation in Shipping Forums Q4 2023 INTERTANKO Vetting Committee Capt. A. Arampatzoglou, Vetting Manager, attended INTERTANKO’s Vetting Committee which took place between 4th -5th October in Singapore. The key focus of meeting was SIRE 2.0 and its associated challenges. SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum Capt. George Mavrogenis, Marine Manager, participated at the 2023 SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum in Panel #2 - Sailing into the future: “Digitalization’s role in Shipping Safety’. The topics discussed: ●● ECDIS implementation: Review of challenges and successes regulatory updates and upcoming changes in ECDIS standards ●● Importance of digitalization in safe navigation: Exploring the role of digitalization in enhancing situational awareness for mariners ●● Navigational safety & the future of navigation: Trends in digital navigation tools and their impact on safety ●● How to avoid failures in navigation: Training and competency requirements for navigating in a digitalized environment Shell Maritime Partners in Safety A SHELL Maritime Partners in Safety Workshop took place mid-October at Hotel Grande Bretagne with the participation of our COO A. Georgantzis, our Deputy COO J. Panorios and our HSQE Manager P. Vikos. The discussion was mainly focused on causal thinking and causal reasoning approach. National Technical University of Athens presentation Our COO A. Georgantzis gave a talk titled “Organization and Management of a Shipping Company” as part of the Operation and Maintenance of Ships and Fleets” module of the 4th year of the undergraduate studies in Naval Architecture. In addition, on the Audience were apart from students were also in attendance our Colleagues R. Thanou DPA, D. Mytilinis Performance Engineer, D. Vlon Ass. Technical Superintendent as graduates of Naval Architecture school. Capital Link Annual Operational Excellence Shipping Forum Our CEO, Mr. G. Margaronis participated in the Shipowners’ Roundtable “Navigation Through Industry Transformation”. The panel focused on matters such as: ●● single voice and a common approach in terms of regulations ●● the impact of these regulations ●● the ESG criteria considered ●● the concern with lack of seafarer ●● ambitious targets set for the energy transition and the inevitable cost of decarbonization.