LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

7 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 COMPANY NEWS ESG Shipping Awards Conference Our HSQE Manager P. Vikos participated in ESG Shipping Awards Conference at a panel discussion about “Promoting Health and Safety” with the aim to share our Company’s actions and best practices that led to receive “Gold Health & Safety Award”. Intertanko Gas Tanker Committee Capt. M. Raftopoulos, Port Captain participated in Intertanko’s Gas Tanker Committee which took place within mid-November in London focusing on: ●● LPG grade change Matrix ●● CII correction factors applicable to gas ships ●● Gas as fuel Joint Working Group ●● Updates on IMO Works (CCC9, MSC 107, MEPC 80) ●● Decarbonization topics such as Ammonia as fuel, EU ETS and fuel EU requirements ●● Amendments to IGC and the inclusion of use of toxic cargoes as fuel, on cargo tank secondary barriers repairs, on CO2 as Cargo and other legal items Intertanko Council Meeting Our COO, A. Georgantzis participated in the Council Meeting representing LMM in London within midNovember at the IMO Headquarters. Acceleron Event Managing Director LLNG, E. Karystios invited by Accelleron, a global leader in high power turbocharging along with a leading group of LNG tanker owners, at the Company’s headquarters in Baden Switzerland. Business Day: Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career Development We had the pleasure to host at our office more than 40 students and recent graduates from various academic fields. It was a full day event where participants got valuable input about Latsco Company and different departments operate, received career guidance and participated in interactive networking sessions with several company executives. Southeast Europe Connectivity Forum Our COO, A. Georgantzis participated as a speaker in the “Shipping Sustainability” panel in the Southeast Europe Connectivity Forum, highlighting the challenges of digital transformation and its effect in Maritime Business. Chios Marine Club Meeting Chios Marine Club Meeting organized and information and experience sharing meeting at the beginning of November to discuss the “importance of the Human Factor in Modern Shipping”. Our Group HR Director, C. Kalargyros, participated in the 2nd panel” The maritime profession in modern times”. DNV Greek Technical Committee Meeting Our COO, A. Georgantzis participated in the “Role of Safety culture in a changing maritime industry” panel sharing his views and Company’s best practices on the 5TH DNV Greek Technical Committee which took place at the beginning of December.