LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

13 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 CAMPAIGN Comment: This graphic refers to the percentage of correct answers per Question. Better score ●● Question no. 2: “What should be your first action in case fire alarm is activated on-board?” ●● Question no. 5: “Do you know how to operate your vessel’s fixed CO2 extinguishing system?” ●● Question no. 7: “Fire hoses are equipped with adjustable nozzles to change the water pattern. What is a water wall/ full shield (wide spray > 90 degrees) suitable for?” Lowest score ●● Question no. 10: “During fire drills should the fires hoses be pressurized?” Comment: Rank with Highest Average Score is Senior Officers, with 9.70 points. Comment: Chief Officer achieved the highest average score with 9.80 points among Top 4. Conclusion Based on above, the following actions are established: ●● Subject Topic shall be included in the agenda of the next in-house training session, with the aim to bring to the attention of all involved personnel the subject, increase Awareness for our Company’s procedure with regards to crew response to fire and familiarization with FFE. ●● Circulation of the subject Safety Letter along with Questionnaire with correct answers, across the fleet vessels, with the instruction to include it in the discussion of the next scheduled Safety Committee Meeting on board, aim to raise awareness on Crew Response to Fire and Familiarization with FFE.