LMM Vision Issue 15 - Q4 2023

QUARTERLY EDITION | ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 LATSCO MARINE MANAGEMENT INC. 9 772653 951008 15 ISSN 2653-9519 Legislation Highlights Safety Campaign “Fire Safety” Hellas Hercules: Best Performing Vessel for 2023

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3 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 Dear colleagues, Upon completion of 2023, we are glad to share with you the Company’s milestones and achievements. Our Strong and Continuous presence to many Forums, Committees, Conferences and Universities continued and during the last quarter of 2023, enhancing Company’s extravert culture and gaining knowledge on various technological advancements. In addition, as per Company’s priorities to Social Responsibility and Accountability, we are more than happy for all the initiatives such as donations to academies, Blood donations, cleaning of the coasts, running for good purpose. We could not be prouder that our Company received “AMVER AWARDS” honoring our Company for playing an important role in safeguarding the lives of seafarers leveraging the AMVER system. Our Company, within December organized various loyalty events such as special Christmas dinner for our seafarers ashore, kids Christmas party to our Company’s premises, Christmas party in Manila Office and London Office as well. It was grateful to meet all together having an enjoyable time as a team! Upon completion of 2023, the Annual MRM off-site conference carried out on 09th -10th of February at Thessaloniki, Greece with the participation of Company’s Personnel and Seafarers. In this twoday event, apart from the MRM Review of 2023 in a constructive and creative way and endorsement of Company’s policies, it was a great opportunity to share our vision and strategic plans for 2023, while all employees had the opportunity to address questions to our CEO Mr. G. Margaronis. During the Annual MRM, it was pointed out that our presence on board has been increased with emphasis on training, the familiarization with and implementation of procedures, aiming at fostering knowledge and experience to our Crew members. In Message from COO In this issue 04 LMM at a glance 06 Company News 12 Safety Campaign “Fire Safety” 15 Legislation Highlights 16 ESG Performance in 2022 17 Seafarer’s interview 21 Incident Report: Grounding parallel, Company’s resources at Manilla have been strengthened and Management visits are performed. In addition, for the next year our aim is to continue in the same direction. Our Priorities for 2024 are: ●● Enhance open communication and access to information amongst everyone in the organization. ●● Continue applying all measures and actions to ensure the safe navigation of fleet vessels without any compromise. ●● Preserve health & safety of shore personnel through conducting medical exams for all ones performing attendances. ●● Take into advantage and incorporate into processes the acquired knowledge from completed technical projects. ●● Expand the proper response to incidents and the efficient mitigation measures to proactive and avoid occurrence of incidents. ●● Learn from incidents & findings and avoid reoccurrence. ●● Implement the electronic filing across as per Company’s procedures. ●● Provide all users with uninterrupted & flawless operation of IT systems. ●● Harmonize processes and activities for all three fleets (each fleet to behave in the same manner). Finally, the key message that was highlighted once again was to “Avoid Complacency and be Alert” and “Remember that context drives behavior”. Now we are heading to the 1st quarter of 2024 which is full of new challenges, priorities and projects working all together towards achieving all the goals! Enjoy reading! EDITORIAL Antonis Georgantzis Chief Operating Officer

4 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 LMM AT A GLANCE Key Performance Indicators 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 Number of External Inspections 2021 2022 2023 PSC SIRE CDI 30 20 10 0 53 79 17 50 90 23 57 80 19 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Fleet size 2012 - 2023 | New Building projects Existing Delivered Sold -5 -10 2023 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 14 11 13 17 23 25 -4 -2 3 3 6 2 2 1 1 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 LTIF / TRCF LTIF TRCF 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 2.0 Number of Observations per SIRE Inspections 2021 2022 2023 1.5 1.0 0.5 0 1.65 1.64 1.81 2020 2021 2 2 27 2019 27 2022 4 28 2 29 -3 -2 -1 2.5 Jul22-Jun23 Aug22-Jul23 Sep22-Aug23 Oct22-Sep23 Nov22-Oct23 Dec22-Nov23 Jan22-Dec23 30

6 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 COMPANY NEWS Company’s Office Personnel Active Participation in Shipping Forums Q4 2023 INTERTANKO Vetting Committee Capt. A. Arampatzoglou, Vetting Manager, attended INTERTANKO’s Vetting Committee which took place between 4th -5th October in Singapore. The key focus of meeting was SIRE 2.0 and its associated challenges. SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum Capt. George Mavrogenis, Marine Manager, participated at the 2023 SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum in Panel #2 - Sailing into the future: “Digitalization’s role in Shipping Safety’. The topics discussed: ●● ECDIS implementation: Review of challenges and successes regulatory updates and upcoming changes in ECDIS standards ●● Importance of digitalization in safe navigation: Exploring the role of digitalization in enhancing situational awareness for mariners ●● Navigational safety & the future of navigation: Trends in digital navigation tools and their impact on safety ●● How to avoid failures in navigation: Training and competency requirements for navigating in a digitalized environment Shell Maritime Partners in Safety A SHELL Maritime Partners in Safety Workshop took place mid-October at Hotel Grande Bretagne with the participation of our COO A. Georgantzis, our Deputy COO J. Panorios and our HSQE Manager P. Vikos. The discussion was mainly focused on causal thinking and causal reasoning approach. National Technical University of Athens presentation Our COO A. Georgantzis gave a talk titled “Organization and Management of a Shipping Company” as part of the Operation and Maintenance of Ships and Fleets” module of the 4th year of the undergraduate studies in Naval Architecture. In addition, on the Audience were apart from students were also in attendance our Colleagues R. Thanou DPA, D. Mytilinis Performance Engineer, D. Vlon Ass. Technical Superintendent as graduates of Naval Architecture school. Capital Link Annual Operational Excellence Shipping Forum Our CEO, Mr. G. Margaronis participated in the Shipowners’ Roundtable “Navigation Through Industry Transformation”. The panel focused on matters such as: ●● single voice and a common approach in terms of regulations ●● the impact of these regulations ●● the ESG criteria considered ●● the concern with lack of seafarer ●● ambitious targets set for the energy transition and the inevitable cost of decarbonization.

7 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 COMPANY NEWS ESG Shipping Awards Conference Our HSQE Manager P. Vikos participated in ESG Shipping Awards Conference at a panel discussion about “Promoting Health and Safety” with the aim to share our Company’s actions and best practices that led to receive “Gold Health & Safety Award”. Intertanko Gas Tanker Committee Capt. M. Raftopoulos, Port Captain participated in Intertanko’s Gas Tanker Committee which took place within mid-November in London focusing on: ●● LPG grade change Matrix ●● CII correction factors applicable to gas ships ●● Gas as fuel Joint Working Group ●● Updates on IMO Works (CCC9, MSC 107, MEPC 80) ●● Decarbonization topics such as Ammonia as fuel, EU ETS and fuel EU requirements ●● Amendments to IGC and the inclusion of use of toxic cargoes as fuel, on cargo tank secondary barriers repairs, on CO2 as Cargo and other legal items Intertanko Council Meeting Our COO, A. Georgantzis participated in the Council Meeting representing LMM in London within midNovember at the IMO Headquarters. Acceleron Event Managing Director LLNG, E. Karystios invited by Accelleron, a global leader in high power turbocharging along with a leading group of LNG tanker owners, at the Company’s headquarters in Baden Switzerland. Business Day: Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Career Development We had the pleasure to host at our office more than 40 students and recent graduates from various academic fields. It was a full day event where participants got valuable input about Latsco Company and different departments operate, received career guidance and participated in interactive networking sessions with several company executives. Southeast Europe Connectivity Forum Our COO, A. Georgantzis participated as a speaker in the “Shipping Sustainability” panel in the Southeast Europe Connectivity Forum, highlighting the challenges of digital transformation and its effect in Maritime Business. Chios Marine Club Meeting Chios Marine Club Meeting organized and information and experience sharing meeting at the beginning of November to discuss the “importance of the Human Factor in Modern Shipping”. Our Group HR Director, C. Kalargyros, participated in the 2nd panel” The maritime profession in modern times”. DNV Greek Technical Committee Meeting Our COO, A. Georgantzis participated in the “Role of Safety culture in a changing maritime industry” panel sharing his views and Company’s best practices on the 5TH DNV Greek Technical Committee which took place at the beginning of December.

9 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 COMPANY NEWS Awards Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2023 Company’s representatives attended this event which marked the 20th Anniversary of the Greek Shipping Awards. AMVER Awards We couldn’t be prouder of our teams and seafarers- both Latsco Marine Management and Marla Tankers received AMVER awards this year! Social responsibility and Accountability Donation to AEN OINOUSSON Our Company decided to donate two laptops. Two desktops and two 22’’ monitors to AEN Oinousson for students to be able to use during their academic studies. Athens Authentic Marathon in Support of ELEPAP On 11th and 12th November, 15 of our colleagues joined the “Cool Runner” of ELEPAP and ran for the association’s Brave Children in the 40th Authentic Marathon of Athens, sending a resounding message of solidarity, contribution and awareness. Blood donation In collaboration with Latsco Family office a voluntary blood donation organized in support of the blood bank we have at Laikon general Hospital. International Coastal Clean–up On 5th November, our Company participated in the cleaning of Glystra Beach in Lagonisi in collaboration with the International propeller Club Port of Piraeus and HELMEPA.

10 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 Promotions & New hires We would like to introduce you our new team members who joined LMM in Q4/2023: New Hires (name & roles) ●● Dimitra Kritikaki, Operations Assistant ●● Katerina Skevouli, Fleet Assistant ●● Athina-Lydia Stathi, Sustainability Assistant ●● Nikoletta Tzamakou, Maritime Training Center Assistant As a result, our current headcount for LMM is 121 employees, with 26 Managers, 63 Officers/Superintendents / Port Captains and 32 Assistants. Concerning our sea staff, 10 new crew members joined our vessels. Additionally, during this quarter, we succeeded to offer 11 promotions as per below: ●● Ch/Off to Master (2) ●● 2nd/Off to Chief Off (3) ●● Deck Cadet To 2nd/off or 3rd/Off (2) ●● 2nd /Eng to Ch/Eng (1) ●● 3rd /Eng to 2nd /Eng: (1) ●● Engine Cadet to 3RD/Eng or 4th/Eng (2) ●● As.Cook to Cook (1) 0 0.00 PSC DEFICIENCIES 1 0.00 ACCIDENTS CATEGORY A,B,C TOTAL RECORDABLE CASES 0 1.50 VETTING OBSERVATIONS 0 UNLAWFUL ACTS 0 PSC DETENTIONS Annual 2023 Safety Scorecard LTIF COMPLAINTS ENERGY MAJOR REJECTIONS 0 COMPANY NEWS

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12 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 This report presents the evaluation of Safety Campaign on “Fire Safety Focusing on Crew Response”, running from 29th December 2023 up to 12th January 2024, as per Safety Letter 2023-013, with the aim to increase the awareness on Crew Response to Fire and Familiarization with FFE. Analysis The subject campaign includes a questionnaire (with a total of ten (10) multiple choice questions), that was required to be answered by all crew on board. All questionnaires have been collected by HSQE Dept and following metrics generated, taking into consideration the participation percentage of crew members. Metrics ●● The Highest Average Score is 10, with participation 1/24. ●● The Lowest Average Score is 8.8, with participation 25/26. ●● The total number of participants is 618 out of 727 (85%). Comment: The Vessels with the highest Average Score are Hellas Avatar and Hellas Apollo with 10 and 9.93 points, with participation 1/24 and 25/25, respectively. SAFETY CAMPAIGN “FIRE SAFETY” CAMPAIGN Comment: Fleet A, B and MT achieved the same score, with 9.54 points.

13 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 CAMPAIGN Comment: This graphic refers to the percentage of correct answers per Question. Better score ●● Question no. 2: “What should be your first action in case fire alarm is activated on-board?” ●● Question no. 5: “Do you know how to operate your vessel’s fixed CO2 extinguishing system?” ●● Question no. 7: “Fire hoses are equipped with adjustable nozzles to change the water pattern. What is a water wall/ full shield (wide spray > 90 degrees) suitable for?” Lowest score ●● Question no. 10: “During fire drills should the fires hoses be pressurized?” Comment: Rank with Highest Average Score is Senior Officers, with 9.70 points. Comment: Chief Officer achieved the highest average score with 9.80 points among Top 4. Conclusion Based on above, the following actions are established: ●● Subject Topic shall be included in the agenda of the next in-house training session, with the aim to bring to the attention of all involved personnel the subject, increase Awareness for our Company’s procedure with regards to crew response to fire and familiarization with FFE. ●● Circulation of the subject Safety Letter along with Questionnaire with correct answers, across the fleet vessels, with the instruction to include it in the discussion of the next scheduled Safety Committee Meeting on board, aim to raise awareness on Crew Response to Fire and Familiarization with FFE.

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15 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 under the CARB’s Control Measure effective 1 April 2023 meeting the shore power requirements for at berth emission reductions. Notification of Use of Power Reserve by Unlimiting ShaPoLi/EPL (form Marshal Islands’ TEC-30E) Effective date: 01-Apr-2023 Fleet vessels with OMM flying the Marshall Islands flag, notification of Use of Power Reserve by Unlimiting ShaPoLi/ EPL form. MEPC 79 Effective date: 1-Jun-2023 The 79th session of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO’s) Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC 79) was held between 12-16 December decided on: ●● Amendments to the form of the Ballast Water Record Book (BWRB) and development of guidance document ●● Temporary storage of treated sewage and grey water in ballast tanks ●● Unified interpretation (UI) of paragraph 4.10 of the BWMS Code; and regulation E-1.1.5 and appendix I to the BWM Convention ●● Amendments to the example ballast water reporting form ●● Application of the BWM Convention to ships operating at ports with challenging water quality Ability to override engine or shaft power limiting devices (Houston Pilots Notice 1 September 2023) Effective date: 1-Sep-2023 Notice issued on EPL/ ShaPoLi mainly focusing on: ●● reporting requirements of overriding mechanism and ●● capability for overriding to be immediately activated from the bridge in case needed. New Positioning System Requirement for Transiting Neopanamax Vessels Effective date: 1-Oct-2023 All vessels with a beam of 109 feet or more transiting the Panama Canal will be required to have a fixed (non-portable) piloting unit with Real Time Kinematics (RTK) for submeter accuracy. If requirements are not met, a portable piloting unit with Real Time Kinematics (PPU-RTK) will be temporarily installed in the vessel, at an additional cost. Non-compliance may result in delay of transit and/or additional costs, as well as possible fines. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Fire Hazards and Emergency Preparedness (Marshall Islands MG-2-11-22) Effective date: 1-Oct-2023 This MG addresses the fire hazards associated with lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries in equipment, tools, and personal devices. It highlights the RMI requirement for conducting a risk assessment and for implementing procedures for their safe handling as part of a vessel’s Safety Management System (SMS). Some highlights: ●● Develop emergency procedures for dealing with potential fires caused by li-ion batteries. ●● Information on li-ion hazards may be displayed in crew, passenger, or guest spaces, as appropriate, to broaden general awareness Effective within current year EU Emissions Trading System. Regulation (EU) 2023/957 Effective date: 1-Apr-2024 ●● By 1 April 2024, Companies shall submit a verified monitoring plan that reflects the inclusion of CH4 and N2O emissions to the administering authority responsible ●● By March 31 of each year, starting from 2025, Companies shall – for each ship of their responsibility – submit an emissions report for the entire reporting period of the previous year, which has been verified as satisfactory by a verifier, to: • The administering authority of the concerned flag state • The Commission ●● By March 31 of each year, starting from 2025, Companies shall submit to the responsible administering authority the aggregated emissions data at the Company Level Guidelines for Inspection and Maintenance of Mooring Equipment Including Lines (MSC.1/Circ.1620) Effective date: 1-Jan-2024 These Guidelines provide recommendations and guidance for maintenance and in-service inspections of mooring equipment including lines and tails, criteria for identifying worn-out lines and tails for removal from service before failure, and criteria for selection of replacement mooring lines and tails. Recently adopted, for which monitoring is required CARB’s Control Measure, Reporting Requirements for Tanker Operators Effective date: 01-Apr-2023 CARB has clarified that tanker operators have to report their tanker visit data Legislation Highlights ARTICLE

36 91 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// BY DELIVERING SPARE PARTS VIA SEA INSTEAD OF AIR GOVERNANCE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT OF OUR EMPLOYEES ARE WOMEN Port calls in countries with the 20 lowest rankings in CPI CREW RETENTION RATE OF PSC OBSERVATIONS CO2 SAVED EEOI AER REDUCTION REDUCTION REDUCTION COMPARED TO 2021 COMPARED TO 2021 COMPARED TO 2021 COMPARED TO 2021 Cyber security incidents Violations of our Ethical Code & Anti-Corruption IN AVERAGE FLEET IN AVERAGE FLEET 41% 98.7% 81% 12.9% 12.2% 49.6% 13.7% ZERO ZERO ESG performance in 2022 ESG AT LATSCO SHIPPING LIMITED

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18 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 SEAFARERS’ INTERVIEW INTERVIEW WITH SEAFARERS CHALLENGES, ACHIEVEMENTS AND LESSONS LEARNED FROM 2023 What challenges did you face during past year on board Company’s vessel? VP: Having in mind that the Company manages one Dual Fuel vessel and gave me the opportunity to work with new system; personally, it was the biggest challenge within 2023. Working with new technology is always challenging and requires our full attention and focus. Also, frequent change of vessel type requires full concentration and to be alerted so we do not become overrelaxed with routines. EM: Joining a Dual Fuel vessel with advanced technology vessel for first time, it was one of the main challenges needed to overcome. GK: Last year on board was quite challenging for the personnel of the vessel but also for me personally. The vessel was engaged in several operations due to the nature of its voyages. The celebration of the new year had to be postponed since the vessel was conducting cargo operations during that time in the Persian Gulf Area. Eventually all went well and the crew celebrated new year after our exit from the Persian Gulf. Despite the circumstances and the short voyages that the vessel had, all crew and officers performed their best and managed to maintain their high morale throughout the voyage. CC: During the past year, while serving on a company’s vessel (Oil Chem), In this issue, we have the pleasure to host the Master and C/E of Bellavista Explorer, Capt. Vaso Perovic (VP) and Evangelos Markozanis (EM). In addition, we are glad to introduce Capt. Georgios Karlis (GK) of Hellas Fos and Capt. Christos Cheiliadakis (CC) of Hellas Eagle. All of the interviewers are well experienced and we are glad to share with us their knowledge and opinion on Incidents and Safety behavior on-board. Capt. Vaso Perovic Master, Bellavista Explorer Evangelos Markozanis Chief Engineer, Bellavista Explorer Capt. Georgios Karlis Master, Hellas Fos Capt. Christos Cheiliadakis Master, Hellas Eagle

19 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 Are there any lessons learned from 2023 you would like to share? VP: May not be exactly a lesson learned, however what I have recently realized during meeting with crew, is the importance of fatigue management and quality of sleep. Personally, I have set a commitment and try to pay more attention to organization of tasks, talking with crew to get feedback of their mental fatigue, quality of rest time and sleep. Nobody will remain concentrated on work tasks if the rest was poor. GC: In difficult and uncertain times on board, it is of outmost importance to maintain your calmness and manage the situation as best as you can. Always show understanding and provide the necessary support to the crew in order to maintain their morale high. Only then the crew will be able to overcome difficult situations, both mental and operational. Always make sure that the safety of crew and the vessel is the priority. Good seamanship and proper introduction to the industry must be priority number one, especially for new comers to this profession. CC: In order to avoid critical factors (e.g. fatigue, stress) that may affect crew performance thus vessel’s operation in general, pro-active time management and team cooperation are essential key factors for all tasks. Living in an environment that requires a continuous awareness of dangers that may arise for any task given, only training and promotion of safety culture on board among crew as well as good practice can minimize or eliminate near misses, which may lead to serious unwanted situations, either on crew personal level (e.g. injuries / accidents) or unwanted situations that may affect our already vulnerable environment. What were your achievements throughout 2023 on personal and professional level? VP: As always, trying personal achievements provides me with required energy to perform professional tasks at maximum possible level. One example was organizing vacation to spend it in such way to gain energy for the duration of contract. EM: My achievement on professional level was to safely join the vessel and serve in a new technology vessel. GK: I believe that my best personal and professional achievement was that throughout my contracts last year there the challenge that we faced wasn’t an easy task, due to the nature of voyages which demand highly management and great effort from all crew in order to fulfill Charterer’s & Shipper’s demands on a constant change of her voyage instructions regarding quantities and stowage plans that were changing the very last moment. As a result, we faced 19 operations during the period of 1.5 month in Amazon river only. At the same time another challenge was to keep the crew in high standards and include mandatory training / Safety committee meetings on various subjects as per company’s policy and standards; that wasn’t an easy task, taking into account time management in conjunction with resting periods of the crew. that was the second serious challenge on such demanding voyages regardless operations. However, taking this opportunity, I feel obliged to point out the great effort of crew at each department showing their professionalism at all levels without facing any incidents during such hard period. Needless to point out that the company’s support from various departments was highly appreciated and was excellent at all levels. SEAFARERS’ INTERVIEW

20 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 SEAFARERS’ INTERVIEW vessels., also another priority is the Implementation of VIQ 2.0 and to see results of inspections carried under new regime. EM: My priority on professional level is to get involved more with technological advanced vessels for acquiring knowledge and experience. GK: My priority for this year is to continue focusing on the things that are most important in my life: family, health and professional upgrading, gaining focus on my career progression. Regarding my career priorities for the new year are the enrichment of the safety culture on board the vessel and the training of the young generations of seafarers in regard to the procedures of the company, the safety culture on board but also the meaning of good seamanship and its best practices. Furthermore, maintain the company’s high-performance standard and motivate the people on board to ensure that they can deal with any situation that may arise no matter how difficult it might initially look like. CC: Priorities for the new year on the professional level haven’t changed, although targets on career do exist on personal level. As it stands for all Masters on board, first concern and priority always remain the same, and such has to do with crew safety, promotion of safety culture as well as motivation of crew towards such target in order to achieve crew’s maximum performance. Most of the time this is not an easy task, since in order for the crew to assimilate the safety culture, a continuous effort is needed on a daily routine based on vessel’s schedule / time management and dealing with different personalities on board. Moreover, in order to minimize, as much as possible, the negative feelings that the seafarers may face onboard, such as homesickness and stress, the need of cultivating a good working environment is also a basic priority, since it will affect the performance of crew personnel and motivation on a positive way, as well as contribute to maintain a good mental health on board - a factor that should not be taken lightly. were no accidents on board. All of my crew after their contract returned to their families safe and healthy. Despite that, I strongly believe that this profession always evolves and you need to be able to listen to others and obtain new information and life experiences from everyone, regardless of rank or experience. I am thankful that I had reached this far that no major accidents involved, all cargo operations went well, and having a crew with high morale towards safety and working with high possible standards. CC: During the past year, on a personal level, the fact that I managed to spend more time ashore with my family is a basic key element for the forthcoming challenges on board. On the other hand, as far as it may be concerned professional achievement as well as an obligation of Master, I would consider the crew motivation and crew high performance under guidance and supervision for the common goal, which always remains the same and such is no other than “safety first / protect the environment and the property at sea”. What are your priorities for the new year? VP: My priorities for new year, despite my willingness for further development of knowledge and systems on dual fuel

21 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 |Q4 2023 INCIDENT REPORT GROUNDING INCIDENT Incident Description On 10th August 2023 at about 1800LT, a Company’s vessel, after transiting the Panama Canal West bound in loaded condition, proceeded to anchorage area G5 for receiving bunkers. At about 19:11LT, the vessel missed a waypoint and maintained its course and speed. At about 19:18LT, the vessel grounded on a charted isolated danger with course about 250 degrees and speed about 6.4 knots. The Master immediately implemented the relevant procedures (according to the emergency plan) and notified the DPA who proceeded to alert the Emergency Response Team and activate the Emergency Response Plan. After initial inspection of the vessel, the Master reported no personnel injury and no pollution event. Immediate vessel damage observation included flooding of the forward water void, forward pump room and forward water ballast (P+S) spaces. On 11th August 2023 at about 10:42LT, following emergency procedures, the vessel re-floated by her own means and proceeded to anchorage G3 for damage assessment and repair. Repairs were completed to the satisfaction of the Classification Society. On 17th September at 08:00LT, the vessel resumed her voyage. Vessel proceeded to her voyage and discharge her cargo on 25th December at South Korea. Upon completion of discharging vessel sailed to Singapore for Dry dock repairs which were completed on 11th February 2024. Root Causes I. Substandard Actions: ●● Failure to follow rules and regulations (navigation rules & company’s navigation procedures) ●● Incorrect navigation (passage plan preparation – missing info / monitoring - no challenge / execution – deviation from route / acknowledging navigation alarms without taking action) II. Substandard Conditions: ●● Congested anchorage III. Personal Factors: ●● Inadequate discipline to procedures / instructions ●● Loss of situational awareness IV. Job Factors: ●● Inadequate leadership (by Master with regard to bridge team management ●● Inadequate coordination / communication Point of grounding (ECDIS) Point of grounding (Vessel cameras) Damaged area

22 LMM V I S I O N ISSUE 15 | Q4 2023 LMM VI S ION QUARTERLY EDITION ISSUE 15 – Q4 2023 ISSN: 2653-9519 A JOINT PUBLICATION OF LATSCO MARINE MANAGEMENT INC. & SAFETY4SEA © LATSCO MARINE MANAGEMENT INC. (LMM) © SAFETY4SEA LMM 4, Xenias Str, 14562, Kifisia www.latsco.com SAFETY4SEA 2, Afentouli Str, 18536, Piraeus info@safety4sea.com www.safety4sea.com DISCLAIMER / TERMS OF USE The content of this magazine is provided by LATSCO MARINE MANAGEMENT INC. (LMM) & SAFETY4SEA for information sharing and educational purposes only. While both LMM & SAFETY4SEA have taken due care and diligence to ensure that all the information and material provided herein is, to the best of their knowledge and understanding, true accurate and complete. Furthermore LMM & SAFETY4SEA make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the Information. Any reliance placed on such Information is therefore strictly at the readers own risk and no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage howsoever arising. The reproduction or distribution of any part of this publication in part or as a whole is NOT permitted without the prior written consent of LMM & SAFETY4SEA as all intellectual property rights are fully reserved by LMM & SAFETY4SEA for their own content respectively. Furthermore LMM has no liability whatsoever with regards to the material provided by SAFETY4SEA, while SAFETY4SEA has no liability whatsoever with regards to the material provided by LMM within this publication. This disclaimer shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Lessons learned INCIDENT REPORT Significant Other Factors ●● Loss of situational awareness. ●● Isolated Danger (underwater rock) was marked on ENC. ●● Passage Plan from pilot-drop up to anchorage was missing information. ●● Passage Plan route was not followed. ●● ECDIS alarms acknowledged without corrective action taken. ●● Master’s orders were not challenged by other bridge team members. ●● Congested anchorage considerations. ●● Inadequate communication / coordination among the bridge team. ●● Master’s change of command took place at the last lock of Panama Canal. ●● Never deviate from the passage plan. ●● Always take positive action on activation of alarms. ●● The ‘challenge’ is a key principle of good BRM. When one member of the bridge team sees a developing situation, dangerous or otherwise, it must be communicated to the person having the con. Vessel after repairs

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